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Editor vs. Author: 5 Strategic Leadership Skills Your Startup Needs For The Long Game

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A few years back I had the privilege of hanging out with Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and Square, while we were on a speaking tour in Canada.

This guy is a machine. He’s running 2 x Billion dollar businesses with a combined employee count of over 5000… at the same time.

So I figured a guy with a net worth of $5.7 Billion (yes… billion) might know a thing or two about leadership for scaling businesses.

…I was right.

Jack shared with me heaps of insights about leadership but there was one that has stuck with me ever since:

The idea of the Author vs the Editor.

This idea alone has affected how I think about leadership and my relationship with my teams, but it’s 100% applicable to startup teams at a small scale too. 

It would be greedy if I kept it to myself, so I want to share it with you in this week’s video

Exclusive Download: Precision Scorecard™ – Keep Your Leadership Team Focused & Accountable To Growth

Your ability to lead your team has a direct impact on your company’s success, whether you like it or not. But great leadership is a muscle that can be trained… starting with this video.

These are the 5 key points I cover this week:

  1. Define The Outcome
  2. Let Them Author
  3. Sort
  4. 1-3-1 Rule
  5. Coach To Success

The good news is that improving your leadership skills isn’t a burden. In fact: it will make your job easier! 

You’ll get more out of the resources you already have, you’ll leverage hidden talents in your team, and you’ll find innovation that gives you a competitive edge.

It’s a common mistake I see when founders and small-time CEOs think of leadership only when the team is big. By that point, company culture is already infused.

I absolutely recommend you take some time today to really think about how you lead your team and watch this week’s video. It’s worth taking Jack Dorsey’s insights seriously. 

I know I did.

Let me know in the comments if you found Jack’s insights as valuable as I did.


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