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3 Changes To Unlock Transformational Leadership: Inspire and Motivate

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Tell them what to do.  

Check that’s been done.

Tell them what to do next.

Leadership 101 right there. A fine recipe if you want to run a mediocre company with eight or  ten B level players that constantly tap into your managerial bandwidth and cripple your capacity to achieve accelerated growth.

An outdated paradigm for any SaaS founder with more ambitious plans to scale.

For that SaaS founder, I offer a major upgrade from the “transactional leadership” approach.

One built on the ethos of empowering your team members to claim ownership over a shared vision, and remain in a ruthless, autonomous pursuit of its achievement.

The latter is called “transformational leadership” and I go into what it means and how to adopt its core principles in this week’s episode.

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Upgrading to a transformational leadership model is a process I encourage EVERY founder in SaaS Academy to commit to.

While the shift requires some extra initial resources on your end (time, energy), if you commit to it, you’ll be at the helm of a more committed, self-directed, empowered, and fiercely loyal team in 6-8 months from now.

Well worth it 🙂

Here are the high-level steps to get you started:

  1. Don’t tell them them what to do — instead, talk about outcomes you want to achieve.
  2. Constantly track, measure, and report progress
  3. Coach them to success

The third point will require the most discipline from you.

There will be times when it’ll feel easier to just “tell them what to do”… but by coaching them towards finding their own solutions, you’re in turn, coaching a more empowered, creative and resourceful team member — which in the long run, is a MUCH more valuable asset than someone who can simply take directions.

Watch the full episode for the deep dive, and then comment below letting me know ONE thing you plan on doing to adopt a more transformational leadership model.


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