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Attract Clients You Love by Creating The Perfect Customer Avatar: 6 Things You Need to Know

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Chances are you’ve already done some work in defining your “customer avatar”.

At the very least, I feel good assuming you don’t think I’m talking about a blue space creature 😉

But when it comes to defining and dialing in your B2B SaaS avatar…

… the rules are a bit different.

There are specific nuances that you absolutely want to pay attention to before scaling up your marketing. And since most ignore these nuances, this is usually the VERY first things I zero in on with new clients inside SaaS Academy.

Oftentimes, my recommendations feel counterintuitive and flat out painful. But the record-breaking months that stem from a hyper-focused avatar quickly soothes those wounds.

In this week’s video, I cover the 6 aspects of your perfect SaaS avatar that you need to get laser-focused on in order to start targeting your most profitable (and probable) customers.

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At a high level, you’ll be defining your avatar based on:

  1. Firmographics
  2. Demographics
  3. Technographics
  4. Psychographics
  5. Roles
  6. Give them a name

Of the six, technographics tend to get the biggest blank stare.

If it’s new to you, don’t worry. I break down exactly what it means and how to leverage it to get a leg up on your competition in this week’s episode.

I’ll also show you a really unique way to use psychographics to accurately predict how likely a prospect is to buy. This tip alone can save you and your sales team dozens of hours on calls that are essentially DOA.

Give it a full watch here, and then let me know in the comments how you plan on optimizing your avatar.


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