Build Your Startup Team With These 6 Characteristics To Filter Out The Duds

Build Your Startup Team With These 6 Characteristics To Filter Out The Duds

Over the years I’ve been involved in hiring 100’s of people for my companies.

In the early days when I started a new project I would just grab whoever was nearby and free.

There was ZERO process.

That’s why I struggled to succeed.

I’d say between the ages of 18 – 24 I worked with dozens of different people and most fell extremely short of my expectations.

I hired a bunch of duds.


I didn’t have a filter.

I didn’t know what to look for.

I had no clue what a high performer looked like.

(but apparently, “Cheap” and “Closeby” wasn’t a good way to find’em.)

That’s what this video is all about… the 6 characteristics I use today to hire incredible people.

… Driven people that buy in to your mission, and care about it as much as you do.

… Self-starters who create to-do lists, not just blindly follow them.

… Passionate problem solvers who come to me with solutions.

I stay away from the “problem” oriented people.

Be sure to watch this week’s video to understand the complete list and use it to quickly vet your next top hire.

When I’m interviewing and testing a new hire I’m always looking for the following characteristics:

– They take initiative
– Desire for excellence
– Bias for solution
– Are transparent
– Sense of urgency
– Customer empathy

If you find someone who’s talented and have these traits, then you’ve got a super-star.

Now, I know when I talk about hiring, everyone wants to ask what my top interview questions are…

If you’d like to know the answer, then I’ve got a favor to ask.

Leave a comment with your top interview questions and I’ll leave a couple of my best ones.

Can’t wait to read what you’ve got!



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