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3 Tried-and-True Marketing Strategies for SaaS Businesses to Grow in 2021

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I believe that great SaaS founders stay ahead of the curve.

They’re the trendsetters, not the trend-followers, willing to try something new that makes waves in the market.

The problem is that I’ve encountered many cutting edge SaaS businesses whose marketing efforts are too far behind the times.

They innovate in software, but hedge their bets in marketing.

Then when a new marketing strategy gains momentum, these businesses are left scrambling to catch up to their competitors that have since overtaken them.

Innovators get the lion’s share of the growth.

That’s why I believe that you need to siphon off a portion of your marketing budget for more cutting edge strategies that have the potential for HUGE returns on investment.

But what strategies?

I got you covered 🙂

I coach hundreds of SaaS founders to help them grow and scale their businesses with innovative new strategies. 

I get to see behind-the-scenes which marketing strategies are working and which aren’t.

Based on what I’ve observed first-hand, here are 3 powerful marketing strategies that are rarely used in SaaS but have created high ROI in 2020 and will continue to in 2021.

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If you were to apply all 3 marketing strategies, then you would have:

  • Higher customer retention rates
  • A system that funds your marketing costs
  • A way to leverage volunteer communities 
  • Direct access to your perfect fit customers
  • Authority in your niche
  • A platform to showcase your best customers
  • A system for 1-on-1s with potential B2B clients

I’ll keep an ear out in my networks for any other scalable, high ROI marketing strategies that are working.

If I find more, I’ll send them to your inbox. 

But for now, I know these 3 marketing strategies work because I’ve seen it first-hand with my clients.

Have you tried any? Are you concerned it won’t work for you?

Let me know in the comments, I’ll do my best to help.


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