(Free SaaS Resource) The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?

Time Management 101: Stop Managing Time

How do you deal with shiny objects? I was asked this question this past week while giving a talk at one of my portfolio companies. It got me excited because I had a GREAT strategy to overcome it – more on that below. But first, a story…


Being a Great Entrepreneur & Present Parent: How To Have Both

In my early 20’s I was a workaholic. It took a toll on my health, my relationships and my business… … although I didn’t know it at the time. Even though the financial outcome of that work ethic resulted in the acquisition of my company Spheric at 28 years old… … I wouldn’t do it again. It was stupid.


Focus Filters: How To Prioritize a Task List

When I was 26 I spent $150K to hire a business advisor/coach named Stew. It was almost all the cash I had left in my business at the time, but I knew if I wanted to play a bigger game I needed to invest in myself and my business. Here’s one of the many big ideas he taught me: “Right


Distribution Days: How To Theme Your Work Days

My hope for this week’s video is to help you avoid burnout. A few weeks ago I was coaching a client, a modern day martyr who voluntarily went through a 5 year grind of 100+ hour works and missed out on watching his kids grow up. He was first to leave in the morning and came home after they were


The Way To Measure Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur

How much value did you create today? What about yesterday? Want to know the best way to score yourself? You need to learn the Entrepreneurial Scorecard (all credit goes to Todd Herman, creator of the 90 Day Year). This framework is the only one I’ve found that allows founders to self evaluate their daily activities and accurately measure how those


5 Lessons Learned After 100+ Videos on YouTube

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! (and I’m wearing my party shirt today!) It’s also the 100th episode of my YouTube business channel?! Crazy, right?… … both fell on the same day! You think it’s a sign? You betcha! So, today is a special video 🙂 Over the past 100 weeks I’ve published a video every Monday with insights and strategies to live


The Way Richard Branson Manufactures Time

  Reading time: 10 minutes Hours it will save you in 2017: 1,000+ Return-on-reading time: Infinite. Only read if: Your business is doing over $250K in revenue. Must read now if: You’re a busy, growth-minded founder of a quickly-scaling company with too many tabs open on their browser (yes, I can see you on your computer). Download for later if: You’re thinking


MRR Over $10k?

You might be few pricing tweaks away from adding 21% ARR…

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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?