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5 Strategies To Collect Customer Feedback Without Committing To SaaS Product Roadmap

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Imagine this…

Your SaaS company lands a massive account almost right out of the gates.

They start using it.

They have feedback… lots of it… almost too much of it.

Your team takes it as gospel. Jotting it all down – committing on the spot – holding meetings about those new feature requests — making plans to push them forward.

Before you know it, they’re pretty much writing your entire roadmap for you. “All good” you say. They are, after all, your biggest account.

So your dev team moves forward. Codes the hell out of those new feature requests.

6 months later, your SaaS is barely recognizable. A product of a hijacked roadmap that only serves the interests of ONE (of many) customers.

Not only that, but you’re met with the ongoing costs of supporting the code that only benefits a single customer.

A surefire way to burn out your team, alienate  all other users, and sink resources into something that doesn’t serve your growth? Yep.

Avoidable. Definitely.

In this week’s video, I cover the 5 key ways to collect customer feedback WITHOUT letting them leave their thumbprints all over your product roadmap.

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At a high level, here’s what you gotta do to avoid that opening horror story:

  1. Early Adopters
  2. Customer Advisory Board
  3. Vocal Minority
  4. Advice. Not feedback
  5. Log the Name and Circle Back

It’s tempting to let your biggest customers dictate your roadmap… or worse, your small customers (with the loudest and most persistent voice)…

But your product roadmap is sacred. It’s for you and your team to decide on.

On the plus side, there are SO many ways to make your customers feel seen and heard WITHOUT committing…  and then delighting them later if, and only if, you decide to move forward.

Watch the full episode here to learn exactly how to put this into play.


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