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4 Mind-Altering Ways To Become A Confident SaaS Founder Even If You’re Full of Self Doubt

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I’ve spoken a lot about my 3 most recent SaaS exits (Clarity.fm, Flowtown, Spheric)…

But rarely do I talk about how EASILY I could’ve given up on each. I mean…

… Spheric got sued 15 months in.
… Flowtown got shut down by Facebook and had to be rebuilt from near-scratch.
… Clarity.fm launched to crickets (despite renting out a 300-seat theatre).  

As you’d imagine, each had me swallowing a confidence-killing cocktail of fear and frustration. Few would’ve blamed me for just burning the whole thing down.

And if it wasn’t for the 4 confidence-building strategies I cover in this week’s episode, I probably would’ve.

Sure, I would’ve missed out on three successful exits.

But what really makes my stomach sink is thinking about all the impact that hundreds of thousands of customers would’ve missed out on if I let my fear get the best of me.

Your customers deserve a confident, resilient version of “you”. As does your team and all the people you’ve brought into the trenches with you.

In this week’s video, I show you exactly how to get your confidence back on track no matter how much adversity you’re up against.

Exclusive Download: Confidence Creator™ – 4 Mind-Altering Ways To Become A Confident Entrepreneur Even If You’re Full of Self Doubt

At a high level, here are the 4 ways to regain your confidence:

  1. Product impact
  2. Achievement list
  3. Community made
  4. Serve others

Thought testimonials, case studies and customer calls only serve a marketing purpose?


One of my favorite ways to blast through the fake stories floating through my head, is to simply look at all the impact my product is creating in the real world.

Next time you find yourself sinking in self doubt at a time when you NEED to show up at your fullest, take a sec to call up a successful customer and ask them about how your product is making their life (and business) better.

Sometimes the main function of a case study is to sell a founder on him or herself 🙂

Watch the full ep here and then drop me a comment letting everyone know your personal strategies for dealing with adversity in your biz.


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