What’s Your Story? 4-Step Process For Raising Capital By Creating a Compelling Narrative

What’s Your Story? 4-Step Process For Raising Capital By Creating a Compelling Narrative

I recently got on a call with a potential coaching client who asked me the best way to create momentum during the fundraising process.

And it got me thinking…

“what’s been true in my own successful fundraising experience… as well as the 150M raised by those I’ve mentored/advised?”

Turns out, there were some consistent (and repeatable) markers that can make the difference between a fast and effective fundraising round…

… and one that stumbles out of the gates and flatlines before it ever gets momentum.

In this week’s video, I cover the 4 ways to create a fundraising narrative that draws interest from the right investors at the right time.

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At a high level, it comes down to:

  1. Two Peaks
  2. Pre-Marketing
  3. Manufacture Traction
  4. Team Story

While timing your fundraising to match one of the “two peaks” is the most critical starting point, one of my favorite strategies (it’s also used at many accelerators), is to manufacture traction.

“Wait… what?… are you telling me to mess with my data to make it look like a hockey stick?”

Definitely not.

While it’s a bit nuanced (and requires careful planning)… manufacturing traction is not only perfectly ethical, but one of the most powerful ways for you to attract potential investors and get them reaching for their checkbook.

Highly recommend you pay close attention to that one.

Catch the full ep here and then drop a comment letting me know any questions you have about raising capital in your startup.


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