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Travel Fitness: 5 Health Hacks To Keep Your Body Happy While On The Road

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As a high-performing founder, you’re confronted with TWO seemingly opposing forces.

  1. You need to travel (a lot)
  2. Your health and fitness are a vital part of your capacity to show up and do your best work

So how do you reconcile this?

How do you stay razor sharp (and fit) while sitting long hours on planes and scavenging for food in a place you’ve never been before?

Well after spending literally THOUSANDS of days on the road over my entrepreneurial career, I’ve cracked the code on how to stay fit and prioritize your health while bouncing between airports and exploring new towns.

In this week’s episode I cover my 5 most impactful strategies for prioritizing my health no matter WHERE I touch-down.

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At a high level, prioritizing your health while travelling comes down to these five key strategies:

  1. Win your mornings
  2. Airport triggers
  3. Sweat everyday
  4. Pre-order meals
  5. Get accountable to someone

While all five are super easy to implement and as close to non-negotiable as it gets… I want you to commit to sweating everyday no matter where you are.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a 10 minute, crossfit style workout in your hotel room (bodyweight only)… or a morning run to explore a new city… nothing will keep you sharper on all levels than getting some sweat going.

At the end of the day, here’s what must be understood:

Being a road warrior doesn’t mean you need to let your health suffer… and it’s definitely not an excuse to let yourself “slip up” for a few days.

The opposite is true.

If you’re travelling to meet potential clients, investors, or just trying to carve out incredible memories with your family, you NEED to show up with presence, power, and focus.

Stack all five strategies to make sure you’re always showing up at your best, and then drop me a comment letting me know any personal travel hacks or strategies you use to stay fit on the road.


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