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[Escape Velocity] – Episode 1 – Dave Rogenmoser at Proof

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May I have your attention please? Will the real startup founders please watch this video? We’re gonna have a podcast here!

Today is a special day! We’re announcing my NEW show, it’s called Escape Velocity.

It’s a video podcast show where I interview the world’s top SaaS CEO’s to deconstruct and learn what it took for them to succeed and grow.

So let’s kick things off with a question…

Have you been wondering how to improve customer support for your startup without spending more $$$?

Maybe you think the obvious solution is hiring more support staff…

How about something more far-fetched that can actually boost the quality of your support, but also get your engineers to think more like your customers, fix software bugs faster, and add new features?

In the very first episode of Escape Velocity, Proof’s CEO Dave Rogenmoser shares his simple customer support strategy which achieves all of the above.

But that’s just one of the many things we covered. Check out the full Escape Velocity show below.

Seriously…so much food for thought, it’s like Easter dinner at your grandma’s.

During our conversation, we cover:

  1. Customer Support Power Hours
  2. Building your company for exit (or not)
  3. Learning through failures
  4. How to fight churn rate
  5. The role of a company leader
  6. Success – brilliance or good timing

We’ve prepared a HUGE 6-course menu here with very Saa(u)Sy appetizers, but if you want to skip to the main course, go to the 30 minute mark…

The idea behind Customer Support Power Hours is brilliant in its simplicity. You take your co-founders, engineers, EVERYONE on your team…you sit together and hammer away support tickets. Who knew this would be so effective?

It works because if an engineer messed up the coding, they can just jump on the spot and fix it for the client. It also gives them the ability to understand what exactly the customers need, build new features, and get a real sense of how the software works. If you don’t involve your engineers in customer support, they cannot feel the repercussions of writing crappy code.

So there’s simply NO BETTER WAY to expose your team to your software’s bugs and opportunities than having them interact with customers in real time. It will help you create the customer-centric culture your startup needs.

In order to be a 3-star-Michelin chef, you should engage your entire team with the quality of your service.

Catch the full ep here and then drop a comment letting me know any questions you have about this awesome new podcast chapter. Ha ha, guess there’s a startup founder in all of us. 



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