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6 Strategies For Improving Your Productivity As a Time-Pressed Startup Founder

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No matter how great your product is, at some point the success of your SaaS company is gonna be DIRECTLY linked to your personal productivity as a founder.

Talk about pressure, right?

I can totally relate. I built clarity.fm during an insane 11 month stretch where Renee was starting an agency of her own AND we brought two little humans into the world.

And without the 6 life saving productivity strategies that I share in this week’s episode, it’s extremely likely that clarity.fm would’ve never gone on to achieve the rapid traction (and eventual exit) that it did.

Exclusive Download: Perfect Week™ Strategy – Quickly design the most productive week ever, while working less using block time

At a high level, here are the 6 most impactful ways to increase your productivity as an insanely busy and overwhelmed founder:

  1. Perfect week
  2. Block time
  3. Theme days
  4. Assistant/Delegate
  5. Project Management
  6. Weekly Sync

As a busy entrepreneur, it can be super scary to realize that you (and you alone) are responsible for becoming more productive in your business.

No one’s gonna figure it out for you… and you certainly can’t cash sympathy points into investor checks no matter how crazy your life situation is (2 kids in 11 months kinda crazy) :p

But by stacking these productivity strategies, I guarantee you’ll be able to plug up some of your biggest time leaks and start reclaiming the space (and focus) to do your most needle-moving work.

At the end of the day, a high growth startup demands nothing less of you.

Watch the full episode here, and then let me know ONE productivity strategy you plan to implement moving forward.


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