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4 Critical Things You Need to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

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Want to learn how I manage over 100 virtual assistants to manage all my work?

Watch this week’s video.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“Why the hell do you need 100 VA’s?”

Well, the big reason is a strategy I call Staff on Demand™.

If you’ve got a team of trained VA’s ready to go with the right tools and systems, then there’s no limit or bottleneck to the potential strategies you can execute to grow your business.

Literally anything I can imagine, I can get it done.

ONLY if you have these 4 systems in place.

It all comes down to managing your Access Control List, knowing the right way to delegate, and leveraging the right tools to create frictionless communication.

Nothing great happens without a solid team.

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Got questions on how to find / hire a great virtual assistant?

Leave a comment with your questions and I’ll answer them there!

Nothing beats having an army ready to go into battle for you!

Have an amazing day.


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