4 Critical Things You Need to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

4 Critical Things You Need to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Want to learn how I manage over 100 virtual assistants to manage all my work?

Watch this week’s video.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“Why the hell do you need 100 VA’s?”

Well, the big reason is a strategy I call Staff on Demand™.

If you’ve got a team of trained VA’s ready to go with the right tools and systems, then there’s no limit or bottleneck to the potential strategies you can execute to grow your business.

Literally anything I can imagine, I can get it done.

ONLY if you have these 4 systems in place.

It all comes down to managing your Access Control List, knowing the right way to delegate, and leveraging the right tools to create frictionless communication.

Nothing great happens without a solid team.

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Got questions on how to find / hire a great virtual assistant?

Leave a comment with your questions and I’ll answer them there!

Nothing beats having an army ready to go into battle for you!

Have an amazing day.


  • Kerry Riley

    This is a great video Dan! I was a VA for about 4 years so came from the other side of the fence! I worked for a SaaS company on account management to a Wills/Asset Trust company updating their database and mailing prospects to an Event organiser, assisting with all the admin behind running a successful event. All the tasks that aren’t income-generating but hugely time-consuming and that ultimately affect the bottom line. Keep the wisdom coming 🙂

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell


      Appreciate the context and comment.

      Will do!


  • http://www.SlicingPie.com/ Mike Moyer

    Good tips! Where are the links to the project management and access control tools?

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell

      Mike, they’re in the desciption of the YT video … just click the video and expand the description.


  • http://ryanjm.com RyanJM

    Great tips! I came over from YT looking for the links you mentioned in the video. I can’t find them, can you update this post and/or YT to include them? Thanks!

    • http://twitter.com/danmartell Dan Martell


      My bad, I actually updated the YT description to include them there.

      Sorry about that / added a checkbox in my Playbook to ensure I never forget going forward 🙂


      • http://ryanjm.com RyanJM

        Thanks Dan!

  • Steve

    Great tips Dan ! You have explained completely about delegating a Virtual Assistant

  • Erik Lehnsherr

    You got helpful tips there mate! I hired an employee at PHILIPPINE ONLINE WRITERS OUTSOURCING (PHILSOURCING) as a virtual assistant. He really is good, that’s why I hired more from that company. You can visit their website, http://www.philippineonlinewriters.com.

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