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3 Basic Steps To Sell Anything

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When I started in business I couldn’t sell to save my life.

After two failed companies I decided to fix that.

My solution?

Driving around nights & weekends in my silver, 94’ Volkswagen Jetta listening to every sales audio book I could get my hands-on.

Some nights, I had Ziglar riding shotgun.

On other nights, it was Carnegie, Tracy or Hill.

And after dozens of books, I’ve distilled it down to 3 key areas:

  1. Connect & Qualify
  2. Needs Assessment + Close
  3. Follow Up

I actually made a HUGE mistake calling this “101 stuff” because there’s nothing basic about it.

Without the time I invested, and the thousands of hours of selling under my belt it would’ve been hard to see the pattern.

Over the years, I’ve taught this to hundreds of people and they’ve gone on to close new deals in less than 30 minutes.

Nothing pumped me up more than to hear someone take a call and walk away with an order.

In this week’s video I break it down so that anyone can do this and get the same results.

One of the most important skills you can learn is to communicate with someone else, and quickly assess if you can help them.

To do that requires great questions.

So, what do you ask to get to a customer’s challenges or issues?

What do you ask to help move the sale forward?

One of my favourite questions is, “What would it take to make this a no-brainer for you?”

Leave your best question as a comment and if I see at least a dozen I’ll share a couple more.

See you in the comments!


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