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5 Tips To Increase Your Productivity 10X

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I want to do something a bit different today, just for fun.

It’s a little “experiment” that will make you 4-10x more productive overnight.

And it takes 60 seconds.



First, count from 1-26 out loud and time how long it takes.

Took me about 8 seconds.

Now, recite the alphabet, A-Z.


That time it took me about 6 seconds.

Now, let’s try “multitasking”.

The myth is that doing two or three things at once saves time.

Some folks even pride themselves on being able to “multitask.”

So, let’s try it.

This time, do the same thing, except start with “A” and then switch to numbers, alternating each one until you finish…

Like this: A, 1, B, 2, C, 3, and so on until you finish the alphabet.


I’ll start the timer:


How long did it take you?

Took me 60 seconds.



It takes 14 seconds to do both of them separately…

And 60 seconds to do both at the same time.

It took me 4X LONGER when I multitasked.

Why does this happen?

It takes more cognitive overhead (brain power) to switch back and forth between two different tasks.

The first thing I have my coaching students do to free up more time in their day is to “time block” similar tasks.

They IMMEDIATELY start getting more done in the same amount of time.

“Time Blocking” is one of the strategies I use to “manufacture time” in my day, week, and life.

Here are the other three:

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These 4 “Time Manufacturing” strategies have taken me 25 years of testing and iterating to figure these out.

They are:

  1. Live by DESIGN, not by Default.
  2. Package Up the Details
  3. Block Your Time
  4. Theme Your Days

I explain them all here.

If you like these 4 strategies, you’ll LOVE “Buy Back Your Time”.

In this book, I’ll show you even MORE strategies to accomplish more in LESS time and have as much time as you want for your family, hobbies, health, and relationships.

Grab a copy here.

Dan “time-maker” Martell

P.S. Here’s the audio version of my book with some free bonus chapters in case you’d prefer to listen during your next workout or run.




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