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We had 6 weeks of cash runway left to operate.
Now we're among the top 50 fastest growing
companies in Canada.

Through Dan, I realized that my business was in some pretty dire straights. I wasn’t measuring the right financial pictures, what our burn rate was, or some of the risks that we were exposed to. I discovered we had 6 weeks of cash runway left to operate. Two core pieces of advice Dan gave me was to cut deep – so that we could survive – and get real about the numbers – so we could make proper decisions. With this advice, we managed to turn it all around and became one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Canada and part of the Startup 50 list. All of that can bedirectly attributed Dan’s advice and I’m very very grateful for that.

Thomas Le Maguer

Co-founder, Erational Marketing

From a 5% Conversion Rate to a 50% Conversion Rate in just 4 weeks!

Dan gave us a compass to focus our business. It’s transformed every part of the team, given us more more direction, more confidence, and it’s been very motivating. Having Dan give us direction helped us solve our sales conversion process. We had a low conversion rate. When we got a lead, we had a 5% conversion rate to a paying customer. Now once we get to our demo, it’s gone up to a 40-50% conversion rate. That’s a profound change, and it didn’t take long. Before that, we’d tried hundreds of ideas and spent 2 years trying to get it right. With Dan giving us direction, we got there in 4 weeks! That direction, intensity and focus is just vital to growing in SaaS.

Paul Tyrrell

Founder, FieldInsight

He’s been through all the struggles we’re going through and have gone through

One of the things about working with Dan is that he’s been there before. He’s been through all the struggles we’re going through and have gone through. It’s not like he’s just teaching us some stuff from out of a textbook or off of a website. He’s actually been in the trenches and done this stuff. He’s had these experiences. He also works with many experts to hone his craft, so in all the stuff we’re learning from Dan, we’re also learning from all of Dan’s learnings, and that’s just super powerful.

Reg Cheramy

CEO, Stormboard