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Five Tips on Staying Motivated

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Recently, I was asked by Erik Boyko: “How do you stay motivated?”  Initially, the question caught me off-guard, and I didn’t have a good answer for him.  It stuck with me for a few days until I started realizing I do quite a bit to stay on track (keep motivated).  Here are some thoughts.

BHAG: Big Harry Audacious Goal

I’ve got a big one, it’s freakin’ huge!  Who knows if I’ll ever achieve it, but it’s worth striving for.  You should always ask yourself: “Are my goals worthy of my life?”  Sometimes it’s the journey, not the destination, so strive for something big, harry and audacious.  That definitely keeps me motivated.

Daily Affirmations

“You become what you think about all day long”

– Earle Nightingale

If this is true (which I believe), then doesn’t it make sense to set your intentions and thoughts first thing in the morning? More on affirmations (Wikipedia)

Commitments To Others

This is a personal life hack: making commitments with others, in line with your goals, so that you have someone else to be accountable toward (especially for business owners).  It may sound weird, but it works wonders.  Making a commitment with someone forces you to deliver on that promise and will inevitably keep it front and center.

The “Why” Should be for External Reasons

I learned a while ago that if your motivations are external, they are four times more likely to stick (achieve).  For example, instead of working out for your ego (physical appearance), do it for your family.  I travel a lot and only see my family occasionally, and I know they worry about me and wonder if I’m taking care of myself.  The last thing I want them to worry about is my health.  Thinking of them is what motivates me to run in the mornings, hit the weights and eat healthy (at least I try :-).

The Company You Keep

Who you talk with on a daily basis makes a huge difference.  I don’t keep anyone (except for family) in my life who isn’t supportive, encouraging and motivating.  People have the ability to suck your energy and motivation, so beware.  They typically don’t do this maliciously, but it doesn’t matter: it affects your motivation.  I saved this one for last, as It’s definitely the most important!

What do you do to stay motivated?  Anything you’d like to add?  Comment below.

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