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Want my advice? No problem, just read this first…

One of the biggest challenges I have is scaling my time while also keeping on the path to serve my mission in life:

To give away everything I know, to as many people as possible.

It can be really tough juggling my existing commitments with serving others who need me the most.

When I started sharing everything I learned via my YouTube channel, I didn’t realize that the more I produced, the more incredible people would reach out for advice.

I feel super honored to be in a position to touch so many lives.

To better serve my growing community and to ensure there is an investment of more than just time, I’m going to be implementing a new “rules of engagement” for these coaching sessions.

… and I’ll be calling them Clarity Sessions.

Watch this video announcement.

I’ll be investing in recording and producing ALL of these conversations and publishing them online.

Going forward, anyone who reaches out for advice, I’ll send them to this page so they can understand why I’m doing this, how it’ll work and the quick steps to get things scheduled.

I’m totally down to making time in my calendar – but it needs to serve others as well.

Here’s how the Clarity Sessions will work…

  1. In person. That may require you to fly to me, but I’ll also open up my calendar as I travel.  The sessions will be available to those in my community and on my email list, first and foremost.
  2. Recorded. Everything we discuss will be published online and unedited… nothing bleeped out, nothing redacted, etc. I plan to ask personal questions, but you can always punt… it only affects the depths and specificity of my advice.
  3. FUN! I want to make these unique. This means I may suggest doing the meeting at your office, in your store or out in public (ex: I’ve  even done these while running or after a CrossFit workout 🙂 I want to bring a level of entertainment to these discussions to make them more approachable to everyone who may watch.

I know you were expecting 15 minutes on a quick phone call, but unfortunately, to keep it easy, I’m pushing ALL conversations to a Clarity session – even for family, friends and those in my community.

The only people who get to skip this process are those who’ve invested in my coaching or those who I’m an investor / advisor to their business.

Outside of those people, if it’s important for you to get my specific advice, I believe we should take the opportunity to serve others through these conversations.

If this freaks you out a bit… or makes you anxious just thinking about it… then THAT’S why you need to schedule a session! Step over your fears. Start with this.

My goal is to inspire 10M kids to build their confidence by building a business, and I believe this will play a huge part in that goal.

So if you want to sit down and get really clear about your next steps to get the most out of your business, idea or life… then let’s chat.

Email [email protected] to get this scheduled.

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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?