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4 Ways to Design Your Productivity

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On a scale of 1-10, how productive do you feel in your business?


6 if you’re lucky?

For a topic so extensively discussed, it’s alarming to see how many entrepreneurs still struggle with productivity.

How even with the BEST intentions and most bulletproof “to-do” lists, our days can still be hijacked by busy work and flash fires, instead of the the needle-moving activities that actually bring us closer to our goals.

Why is it that the real work always get left for late nights at the kitchen table, or weekend sprints at the office?

How does that even make sense?

Well after advising hundreds of high-level entrepreneurs, here’s where I noticed it all goes to hell:

Rather than addressing the root of the problem (at the mindset level)…

… most founders turn to productivity “hacks” or brain drugs that do nothing but teach them to become better fire marshalls.

You don’t need to put out more fires…

… you need to engineer an environment that has fewer of them burning.

And here are my best tips for making that happen:

As you can see, REAL productivity has nothing to do with being a better task manager, and everything to do with becoming a better task selector.

And while living a mission-centered life isn’t exactly the most novel idea in the world… it remains the most powerful yet difficult to implement.

So if you find your inner-dialogue saying:

“I already know I need to work more intentionally, Dan”

Then feel free to jump straight to point #4 (at 3:00 of the video) where I share the simplest and most powerful way to keep your mission top-of-mind throughout the day…

And how to use it to stay focused and performing at your best (while still making time for all key pillars of your life).

So that’s my challenge for you today.

Soak up these 4 productivity mindshifts, and start truly LIVING the difference between a reactive entrepreneur operating on default and one achieving game changing outcomes by design.

And after you’ve watched it, take a moment to let me know in the comments what your BIG mission happens to be.

To living with intention!



Show me your calendar, and I’ll show you your success - by Dan Martell.3

Working on weekends isn’t being productive, it’s a critical sign that your week wasn’t - by Dan Martell.5

The easiest way to say NO is to remind yourself of a single powerful YES - by Dan Martell.4

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