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What Can Entrepreneurs Learn From CrossFit?

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Do you have a friend who does CrossFit?

Is that all they ever talk about?

Gets annoying right?

One of my best friends, Marty, is that guy.

We always joke that at least he’s not a vegan too 🙂

That being said, I owe everything I’m about to share to Marty.

About a year ago, after his persistence, I finally gave CrossFit another try.

This time it stuck.

Now I’m “that guy” and I literally don’t give a fuck.


Because it’s not about CrossFit.

It’s about fitness and the science and thinking that went into it.

Every night, for over 3 months, I would read and watch anything I could from Coach Greg Glassman, the CEO and Founder.

Right off the bat I started asking myself how this approach could be applied to business.

Not the way CrossFit has experienced exponential growth or built a tribe of millions of hardcore fans…

… but the actual training methodology behind CrossFit, and how they ‘hacked’ the shit out of previous paradigms.

Things like the definition of fitness, the skills & drills, prescription for nutrition, etc…

If you used business as the lens, what would be the corollary?

As someone who literally eats, sleeps and dreams all things entrepreneurship (I’m weird like that)… I became obsessed.

I actually have several essays that I’ve written and haven’t published yet.

Before I do, I wanted to first shoot this video and get your thoughts on it.

Here are some questions that have been guiding my thought experiment:

1. What are the skills an entrepreneur needs for business?
2. How would you measure them?
3. Could you create a measurable system to compete every day?
4. What other methodologies would you take inspiration from?
5. How would you define the purpose of business? Entrepreneurship?

These are big questions…

… and many others have taken their crack at answering them.

What I want from you is a comment with your thoughts.

If we were to collaborate to create an open source framework for thinking about business / entrepreneurship, how would it look?

How could we all get stronger each day in measurable, systematic ways? Let me know here.

It’s time we solve this problem!

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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?