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Get Your Prospects to Make Faster Buying Decisions By Asking Yourself These 5 Profound Questions

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If you’re in sales, you never want to come off like this:

“Listen here, pal… This is the product you need and it will definitely solve all your problems! 100%! If you don’t buy this today, you and your company will regret it for the rest of your life!”

I call this having “Commission Breath”.

Everytime I hire a sales person, at some point this happens. 

They might follow the Talk Tracks we’ve outlined for the product demo, but many times they will be too eager to get that commission signed off by finance and force the prospects to run. 

In this episode of the SaaS Growth Stacking show, I show you how to build an awesome sales team by teaching them the 5 decisions your prospects make before buying your product. 

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Here are your prospect’s 5 questions at a glance:

  1. Are you trustworthy?
  2. Does the product solve the problem?
  3. Is it affordable?
  4. Is the company dependable?
  5. Is it a now thing?

Have you heard something like this before?

“Hey… We looked into your product but it doesn’t feel like something we should do now?!” – there are a ton of versions of that objection.

It’s not something you want to hear. Especially, when you are certain that you are not only solving a current issue, but can be solving future problems as well.

Well… Then talk with your sales representatives, see if they are quantifying the pain or the lack of results and relaying it clearly to the prospect. Are they PUSHING THE PAIN?

The moment you help someone realize that your product is a NOW thing and understand the whole sequence of success that follows after implementing it…

That it will not only help them achieve their business outcome, but will be a driving force to achieve their personal goals – getting the recognition, getting the promotion – then you will have it!

You will have their credit card… and the SALE!

Check the top 5 questions your sales process should have an answer for on the latest episode of the SaaS Growth Stacking Show. Leave a comment below if you can’t find your pain listed. Let’s crack it and get you IN ORBIT TO SUCCESS!

It might also be good to take a look at my Rocket Demo Builder, because it can easily solve some of the issues mentioned above and create the sense of urgency you need to be selling your SaaS product.


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