Clarity: From a Birthday Wish to $1.6M in Funding!

Clarity: From a Birthday Wish to $1.6M in Funding!

Almost a year ago I asked for a favor – a birthday wish – that everyone entrepreneur I know donate 1 hour of their time giving advice to another entrepreneur over the phone. That was the seed that has now grown into Clarity.

Since then we’ve

  • Retooled the product and launched publicly in May
  • Completed over 12,000 calls
  • Connected entrepreneurs from across 47 countries
  • Signed up over 7500+ experts & advisors

And today things continue to grow!

Today I’m super excited to annouce that Clarity has raise $1.6M in a round of funding from some of the best investors from Silicon Valley & across Canada.

Here’s a quick video I made, also talking about our new blog and Clarity Needs – both launching today.


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We’ve raised 1.6M from the best investors from Silicon Valley & Canada

Today I’m excited to announce that after six months of steady growth, we’ve raised $1.6M from investors that are nothing short of amazing. We are thrilled to have some of the US and Canada’s top funds and angels backing us including

What does this mean for Clarity? This funding will help us to develop and grow the company by hiring some key players for our engineering team. It will help us grow globally. We want to see Clarity expand into more countries and help an even wider reach of entrepreneurs in need.

New: Clarity Needs

In addition to announcing funding today, we’re also launching Clarity Needs, a streamlined way to help entrepreneurs identify the right person to ask for advice. Clarity Needs will allow those seeking advice to post topics they wish to discuss so that others within the community can help recommend individuals within their network that may be the right expert for the call.

Our learning engine captures these recommendations from other members, allowing for better categorization and making sure only the best experts, based on expertise and responsiveness, will respond to your need.

An Opinionated Blog for the Entrepreneur

Today, I am also extremely excited to be launching this new blog – dedicated to offering a window into the life of an entrepreneur. Instead of assuming or guessing what you want to read – our team and Clarity community members will be collaborating to offer you a wealth of resources dedicated to entrepreneurial education. In addition, we’ll actively watch for common themes from Clarity call requests so that our content is tailored to what entrepreneurs need most.

It’s going to be edgy. It’s going to be raw. But I promise you that above all – it will be honest and real. We’re not only helping entrepreneurs get unstuck – we’re offering entrepreneurs a lifeline that they can trust.


Last But Not Least – Scott & Vincent

I want to give a special thank you to Scott Wadden & Vincent Roy who’ve been instrumental in getting Clarity to this point. Their dedication to product, engineering and our users is the reason why we’ve achieved so much in such a short time. None of this would be possible without them.

Remember, if I can ever be of help – give me a call on Clarity (link to free profile)

Love to hear from you in the comments below.

  • Allen


    • Dan Martell

      Thanks Allen!

  • Mark MacLeod

    Been waiting for this news to come out. Super pumped to be part of this amazing company

    • Dan Martell

      I know. Thanks again for the early belief and support!

      (now back to product I go 🙂

  • chrisnadeau

    Sweet! Way to go Dan and Clarity team! Very happy for you.

    • Dan Martell

      Thanks Chris. You were definitely one of the very first people I showed Clarity to .. and I’ll always remember the early support – appreciated.

  • Sola O.

    Congrats! It’s an awesome idea and a great service for guys like me!

    • Dan Martell

      It’s for guys like you and others why I jump out of bed and run to my desk .. we want to reduce the gap of getting great advice!

  • kenleblanc

    Congrats Dan. I know Clarity has been a passion of yours since day one. Glad to see fellow NBers living the dream and kicking down doors around the world. Keep being you pal!

  • Peter Mullen

    Congrats Dan and the entire Clarity team! Not surprised as you set a high bar and continue to overachieve!!

  • Kenny Singleton

    Very interesting! Great job

  • Paul Sullivan

    Congrats on the funding and for building something that can surely help the venture community grow and succeed!

  • jaretmanuel

    Love the hustle Martell! Keep rockin’ until you guys knock er out of the park!

  • Steve Mallett

    Nice going Dan. Keep Rockin’!

  • ptelio

    Bravo Dan and team. You are the real deal when it comes to entrepreneurial spirit. Look forward to reading your raw and edgy blog, and to seeing Clarity grow, grow, grow.

  • Jace J Perry

    Dan, amazing job! Let me know if you will be needing an awesome UX UI designer for your company. I specialize in mobile design 🙂

    Cheers and you can view some of my work @

  • Kyle Eklund

    Congrats Dan that’s awesome!

  • A-OK

    That’s awesome, congrats to you and your team Dan!

  • Nick Tippmann

    Congrats to you and your team, Dan! It’s been fun watching the product progress over the past year or so. I know it’s been tremendously valuable for me on both sides of the calls.

    • Dan Martell

      Thanks for leaving a comment … it’s feedback like this that makes it all worth it. Appreciated.

  • Trisha Coady

    Congrats Dan and Clarity team – a very worthwhile product and journey!

    • Dan Martell


  • Rishi Shah

    awesome! Excited to see you guys grow this thing through the roof.

  • Bill McEvoy

    I am pumped! Signed up today.

  • Jon Edward Santillan

    +1 Congrats Dan and the rest of the clarity team! KEEP ROCKING!

  • DaveO from HootSuite

    Congrats Dan and team from your fans at HootSuite.

    • Dan Martell

      Thanks Dave .. love HootSuite, use it everyday!

  • Dev Basu

    Way to go Dan! Pysched for you guys.

  • Chris Crow

    Congrats Dan!

  • Jaz

    Congrats Dan!

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