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How To Stop Being Scared Of Success & Take The Leap

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Everyone talks about the fear of failure…

But what about the fear of success?

The fear of making it?

The fear of your book hitting the best-seller list?

The fear of getting to speak on a huge stage in front of thousands of people?

Sometimes we’re afraid of: “What happens if I mess this up?”

But sometimes we’re afraid of putting ourselves or our ideas out there because…

“What happens if this actually works? Succeeds? Hits big?”


We’re afraid of our POWER.

Afraid of our own GREATNESS. Afraid of living at the higher level that your success will ask of you.

Look, life as an entrepreneur can be HARD.

I rejected my own “success” for YEARS.

In my 20s and 30s…

Even while I was investing in HUGE, growing companies as an angel investor…

I’d advised HUNDREDS of founders…

But for whatever reason, I’d still refused the labels and refused to put myself out there.

I had to go through my own journey…

I wasn’t willing to step into my own power.

Sound familiar?

Today’s video is about your POWER and learning to step into it.

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In today’s video, we’re going to talk about:

  • How and why you need to OWN the right labels
  • Maybe you’re not afraid of failure, but you’re afraid of …?
  • Overcoming the fear of success

If you find yourself afraid of WINNING (instead of failure), then this video’s for you!

No more being afraid of your LIGHT. It’s time to play a bigger game.

After you check out this week’s video, check out my Future Living™ Framework.

Looking forward to your comments on the video.




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