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How To Go From 0 to 1 In Startup Sales

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“Nothing happens till a sale is made.” ~ Thomas Watson

If selling makes you cringe then this video is for you.

The #1 challenge I help founders overcome is their ability to SELL.

Sell their product to customers.
Sell their story to investors.
Sell their company to key hires.

No matter how you look at it, selling is a crucial part of the entrepreneurial game

… and if you do it right, it WON’T feel like selling.

Have I always had sales chops?


And the collateral damage was pretty severe.

I had to suffer through 2 failed startups (and 200 sweat-stained dress shirts) before FINALLY choosing to make peace with selling once and for all.

I went on a learning binge, consuming HUNDREDS of hours of audio books and trainings from masters of the craft.

Now I consider myself pretty freakin’ awesome (yes I have a healthy ego :).

I enjoy the process.

My customers enjoy the process.

And the only one suffering the consequences of my newfound proficiency is my dry-cleaner 😉

But now it’s your turn.

If selling still makes your stomach turn, it’s time to lay down your arms and make peace with this ESSENTIAL skill that you (and your startup) simply can’t live without.

And that’s why today, I’m going to teach you how to get your FIRST sale.

The key strategies I teach go like this…

– Selling Isn’t Being Salesy
Ask For Advice, Get a Customer
– No = Not Yet
– Wide Funnel

I guarantee if you implement these 4 strategies & mindsets that it’ll shift your ability to communicate your passion and ask for others to get involved with your startup (notice the language I used just now? Was that salesy? Nope 😉

Yes it can be that simple.

Now it’s your turn… got out and sell, then come back and share your experience.

Or if you’ve already sold in the past, let’s hear your story in the comments.

Tell others how you did it, what limiting beliefs did you have to overcome? How did you push through?

If it’s a private story, just hit reply and let me know.

Either way, excited to hear from you.

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