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Giving Ourselves More Credit

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Big Thinkers
Big Thinkers

I’ve had an epiphany.  It hit me the other day that no matter what’s happened to me in my life, I’ve always been able to work it out.  Sure I’ve hit some crazy walls and got stopped in my tracks, but at the end of the day I figured it out.  Things weren’t as bad as I thought and good things always came from those experiences.

So the big realization was that I wasn’t thinking big enough.  Or better yet, I wasn’t taking big enough risks.  Or said even simpler, I didn’t give myself enough credit to solve the problems that those risk would certainly entail.

Well enough of that.

It hit me that no matter what issues I’d faced in the past, or will face in the future, that I’m more than capable of handling them.  That doesn’t mean that I’m going to be reckless in my business or personal life, or think that I can succeed at anything I put my mind too, but I do believe that no matter what – I’ll be able to handle it.

That’s a huge realization.

The impact has been incredible.  I’m focused on bigger projects, moving way faster and looking for bigger opportunities to create massive value.  My sights are set higher than ever before and the cool part is that it’s polarizing others to join me and help out in a way I’ve never experienced before. In some ways, it’s actually easier – sounds crazy, right? We’ll, it’s not.

The future is brighter than ever before and I think we all need to give ourselves more credit then we do.  We’re capable of achieving way more than we give ourselves permission to persue.  Holding back isn’t doing anyone any good. The world needs us to.

“Too many of us sit on the sidelines of fear and doubt, unable to contribute to a world in need of our brilliance.” Chris Guillebeau

So with that I challenge you to take bigger projects, take more risk, trust in your abilities and set your sights higher. Who knows – you might just learn that the only thing stoping you, is you.

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