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How To 2x Your Business By Asking These Questions

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If your goal is to 2x over the next year…

How do you make sure you’re taking the right action to get there?

You’ve got plenty of ideas…

But which ideas are worth your time?

The last thing you want is to leave a trail of half completed projects online…

3 videos 

Twitter hasn’t been updated

Cold email list..

For your team and the rest of the world to see…

That’s the challenge.

And that’s what Kevin Wood, the founder of CrossFit Moncton, was scratching his head about when we jumped on a zoom call the other day.

He had a ton of ideas like starting a fitness podcast, running an event, and doing a few other things to drive customer growth…

But which ideas were worth his time and energy?

In today’s video, I want to share with you some powerful questions I asked Kevin to help him gain clarity on his business goals…

And how you can use these questions too to speak your business dreams into existence.

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In this episode, we’re going to cover a lot of belief-shifting questions:

  1. A simple and elegant approach to buying back time from your calendar…
  2. How to stay focused on your most important goals…
  3. How to generate more economical leads with funnel filters…Self Liquidating Marketing Funnels
  4. The real difference between being self employed and being an owner…
  5. The #1 reason you might deliberately throw hand-grenades into your business…

The fun part about being an entrepreneur is that you’re a creator…

You get to create your ideal life. And you get to create your ideal team.

The challenge is knowing when you’re creating for growth and when you’re creating for art.

If you want to be a SaaS artist, that’s cool.

But if you’re building for growth and your end goal is to build something with enterprise value…

You need to be asking yourself these questions.

Looking forward to hearing your top takeaways in the comments.

Enjoy this week’s episode. >>>


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