(Free SaaS Resource) The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?

The Secret to Hiring Top Notch Account Managers for Your Business

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This week’s episode of the Growth Stacking Show features my session with Johnny Clarke from Locate A Locum.

Think of them as a SaaS-enabled marketplace, helping pharmacies and pharmacists connect.

In my conversation with Johnny, we talk through…

  • What to look for in an Account Manager position (and hire)?
  • How to manage that new role for success?
  • When (and how) to expand into an adjacent market?

Here’s the BIG takeaway for you…

And the reason you need to watch:

Experiencing early success is GREAT…

But it’s a whole new ballgame to CONTINUE to grow.

That’s what Johnny and I talk about…


You need a Growth Action Plan. I’m talking more leads, more customers, additional revenue and less churn.
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Growth is HARD and growth is not a GIVEN.

My team of Scale Specialists wants to help you map out your next steps

So you keep growing.

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