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How To Find A Mentor & Build An Incredible Community

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Live in a small town?

Struggling to build a network of others in your market?

Don’t know how to find a mentor to help you grow?

Look… I get it.

Finding mentors and having a killer community isn’t always easy.

Especially for those of us that live in smaller towns.

So like ANYTHING in business…

You’ve gotta be intentional. You’ve gotta do it on purpose.

Deliberately. Purposefully. And with a plan.

The good news?

I’m gonna share the strategies, tactics, and philosophies (plus the mindset) you NEED to help you get out of your own way…

And transform the quality of your life by increasing the quality of your relationships.

Introverts and extroverts. Small towns and big cities. No more excuses.

This week’s video is meant to help us ALL.

Check it out on YouTube >>

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In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about…

1. How to get into a networking mindset (especially if you’re an introvert)

2. How to find the high-value people that live around you

3. How to initiate a memorable conversation with a stranger

4. How offering your help will build strong relationships

5. The secret to staying connected to new friends

Those steps don’t mean much until you watch the video.

After you watch, be sure to download the Dream 100 list.

This resource will be the catalyst you need to create a list of the 100 business people you want to connect with over the coming months and years.

The mentors. The peers. And the advisors you need to connect with.

Don’t just leave it to chance or your emotional whims.

Download the Dream 100 today and get a resource that’ll help you take action.





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