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Investing In Your Leadership Pipeline: How To Earn An Incredible Team

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Worried the impact your leadership is having on your people?

Want to avoid accidentally capping the growth of your own business?

“What if I train my people and they leave?”

“What if I focus on developing my people and then don’t have time to focus or the code or the marketing…?”

“If I hire the right people, I don’t need to develop them, right?

What if you DON’T train your people and they stay?

What if you hired the right people and then let them plateau?

Here’s what I believe…

Build the people and the people build the business.

Read that again!

The more you invest in your people, the higher your capacity and the higher your growth.

In today’s video, you’ll hear the story of the THREE WAYS my mentor leaned into me at 21 years old…

And the THREE ways you should lean into your people, too.

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Watch today’s video to learn HOW to” teach your team to fish” through THREE important principles.

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