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How I Unknowingly Set Myself Up For Success In My 20s

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Want to know the ONE thing I did at a young age that had the biggest long-term impact?

I was 20…

And I moved out west.

If you don’t know my story, here it is (in brief)…

I was living in my hometown of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Small city on the east coast of Canada.

It’s about 85,000 people today. It was even smaller back then.

From a young age, I always wanted to DO more… to SEE more.

For whatever reason, I always wanted to MOVE.

Long story short… against my dad’s wishes and advice, I packed up my ‘87 Jetta and headed west.

But then a whole ton of obstacles got in my way.

9/11 happened while I was driving from the East Coast to the West Coast.

I don’t say that as a “woe is me” thing but as a “life happens” lesson for context.

No employment opps. No contracts. There was nothing.

Job opportunities dried up.

But one of the biggest “blessings” that came from that time in my life…

I was able to capitalize and fund my company, Spheric Technologies.

I want to share the BIG lessons I learned in that season of life.

Watch today’s video to learn more…

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Look, my dad Is my HERO and my mom is my BEST FRIEND.

But I’m SO glad I didn’t listen to them!

Sometimes it’s more important to take a risk and start a new adventure.

Agree or agree??

(Here’s a “adventure opportunity”…)

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