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Measuring Impact: 5 Steps to Build a Business That Drives Positive Social Change

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Hate to break it to you, but it’s not all about money.

I mean it.

Here’s an example…

One of my coaching clients recently hit a milestone that we’ve been working towards for years: 

$1M per month in profit. 

After 9 years of hard work, he turned that dream into a reality. HUGE achievement! But instead of celebrating, the next question that came was…

“What was the purpose? Why am I doing this? If we make more money as a company… what’s the point?”

Today I want to share with you how you can create a social impact through your business.

You can continue doing what you do best AND change lives, better the world, and help the people you want to help most.

I promise you, it’ll be more satisfying than any dollar amount in your bank account.

Exclusive Download: Impact Giving Flywheel™ – Align Your Team, Activate Your Partners and Add More Passion To Your Work While Having an Impact on The World We Live In

Running a business that cares about social change is incredibly rewarding. But it takes some thought. These are the 5 points I’d encourage you to consider:

  1. Connect Your Core
  2. Select The Give
  3. DIY vs Partner
  4. Partner Path
  5. Influence & Inspire

There is SO MUCH MORE to the business game than just generating wealth.

To me, it’s about having a greater capacity to give back to the world.

With my first company, Spheric, we used to donate to Kiva, a charity that supports businesses in 3rd world countries with interest-free microloans.

Now I have my Creators program that helps at-risk youths.

These outlets for social impact have meant far more to me than the money I have earned.

It makes it all worthwhile.

But you can’t just throw your money at the first charity you see. You’re still a business and there is a process to maximizing your social impact while balancing your financial responsibilities.

Start by watching the video here

It’s how my business-brain deals with the topic of charity, social impact and giving back to the world when you’re still a responsible SaaS founder.

Let’s talk in the comments.


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