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How Lane Merrifield Built The First Billion-Dollar SaaS For Kids

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“If it doesn’t matter to an 8-year-old, it doesn’t matter.”

Back when social media was barely a thing.

And when Zuckerberg was still coding in Harvard.

Lane Merrifield was on a mission to change the world…

His mission:

Take care of kids. And create a safe place for them online.

And that’s how Club Penguin was born.

Lane and his team knew they were onto something magical from the beginning.

Because within just 3 months they were already profitable.

And suddenly, this internet game (built on flash) was getting attention from kids all over the world…

Lane went all in.

He took out a line of credit on his home…

And within a year they were one of the top-ranking sites in the world for kids 8 – 14…

After 18 months they were at 180 employees.

Talk about scale!

Soon, they were hitting around $40m in ARR without the infrastructure to keep up.

That’s when they got an offer from Disney with a number that’ll inspire you.

Click here to watch my latest video where Lane and I deep dive on all the details of Club Penguin and what he’s doing now.

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In the video you’ll hear us talk about:

  1. The Club Penguin Exit Numbers
  2. Selling To Key Decision Makers (Parents)
  3. Writing $5m Monthly Cheques To Strategic Partners
  4. Breaking IBM Hardware

And a ton more.

If you’ve ever wondered what the end game looks like for mass adoption of a SaaS, this is it.

Building A SaaS For 350 Million Kids W/ Lane Merrifield


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