Make No Small Plans: The Summit Series Community [Video]

Make No Small Plans: The Summit Series Community [Video]

3 years ago I had the great fortune to be connected with Jeff Rosenthal, one of the co-founders of Summit Series. It changed my life.

It’s events like Summit that reminds me how polarizing passionate individuals are and how they truly posses the power change the world.

Last year during Summit at Sea, Peter Diamandis gave an inspiring talk that ended up getting used in the video below. His words continue to inspire me to think bigger, work on problems that matter, and surround myself with people who share similar beliefs. Hope you enjoy:

From Peter:

“We are living extraordinary times.”

“Where you’re empowered to do whatever you want.”

“We will, you can, change the world and make it a vision of what you want it to be.”

He closed with

“The question is … what are you going to do?”

“Where are you impassioned?”

“What game are you playing?”

“Play it big!”

All the Summiteers are now part of my extended family. Love you guys.

  • Jade Simmons

    Ah, what a wonder mantra. Make no small plans! It’s wonderfully specific, even more effective than “Dream Big”. I love it. Thanks for the post.

    • Jade Simmons

      meant to say “wonderful”, of course.

    • Dan Martell

      Agreed. No biggie on the typo – gotcha.

  • Michal Truban

    yeah. make no small plans. new mantra. thanks for sharing this.

    • Dan Martell

      Glad you enjoyed Michal.

  • Eric T. Wagner

    This is really cool Dan. So many entrepreneurs in one place with the same passion…. Love it… 🙂

  • Pete James

    Dan, thanks for sharing the cool video.

    There’s no reason that today, in the developed world, anyone can’t have a career that there 100% passionate about..

  • Anonymous

    Dan – Enjoyed your last two posts. Thank you for sharing. I would be interested to hear more about how Summit Series impacted you and how what you learned is helping you “play it big”.

  • rcknroll35

    What an amazing inspiring video! I’ve added it to my “morning inspiration videos” as a reminder of what i should do. Working with talented people and cooperating in creating your dreams is an amazing thing. Thanks for sharing this! (can you put it also on Youtube? It’s good to have a copy there so we can put it in playlists.

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