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5 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Mentor

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A few weeks ago I was asked by an old high-school friend for business advice.

He was just starting off and was wondering if he should go to the bank and take out a $10K loan to get started.

Fearing a series of bad decisions on his part, I invited him to a Founder’s Dinner so he could meet successful entrepreneurs and learn from real world experience…

… not what the people down at the “Business Center” in my hometown were telling him.

During that lunch, he sat quietly and listened super attentively.

Then, with little warning, he broke his silence to ask a dangerous question to one of the entrepreneurs.

“What did you do in the beginning? How did you get started?”

And I was like…

“One second … sorry to interrupt, but I think it’s important that we clarify the question.”

You see, he was trying to learn how he should get started by understanding how they did.

But what he should’ve asked is NOT how they did it….

but how would they do it today if they were starting over.

It’s a subtle difference that changes everything.

That question – for the purpose of learning – is one example of something you should never ask a mentor.

I’ve got 4 more “faux pas” questions in this week’s video.

Avoiding these questions will not only help you improve your relationship with a great mentor

… but by asking better questions, you will yield more valuable and practical advice.

If you’re ever lucky enough to have someone take you under their wing and guide you through the challenges of building a company, then you don’t want to ask these questions.

It’s just not worth the risk of losing that person in your life.

My first 3 mentors provided an incredible amount of wisdom and extended confidence in my abilities.

Any chance I get – like this video – I always thank them publicly and honour their contribution to my journey.

So here’s your chance.

Leave a comment with the name of the mentor(s) – maybe the first one if you have dozens – that guided you in your life.

Feel free to tell the story of how they came into your life.

I look forward to reading each one.

Have an incredible day!


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