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The Story of a Logo – Brand Extraction

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It was like writing your own bio, but 10x harder.

This is the story of my logo.

It started with a call to Gair.

I was nervous.

You see, he’s the guy I’ve called to help me uncover the visual identity of my last two companies.

But this time things were different.

The new brand wasn’t just a business.

It represented my very essence.

I wanted help extracting the core of who I am.

I wanted to create a logo that represented all my beliefs, philosophies and life truths.

The goal was to create something that I could stamp my original work with.

A visual lighthouse that could outlive me, and guide my two boys way past my time on earth with them.

No small task, right?

That call turned into several meetings, some lasting 2+ hours where Gair took a 20V power drill into the core of my being.

He pricked and probed me with dozens of deeply intimate questions until he truly understood what makes me tick.

It was painful.

It’s just weird talking about myself from this light, but I knew the work was important.

Once the initial brand essence was extracted, we called my buddy Rich up to help with the visual creative.

This video reveals what happened next.

To this day, people still don’t realize that the logo came from my signature.

If you ever work on a logo project, remember these 3 things:

  1. Inspiration will come from many places, so go wide and deep.
  2. Collaborate with others to get a broader perspective.
  3. Release your constraints and inhibitions.

And when you find the right logo / design, it will speak to you…

… it’ll energize you and give you that feeling that anything’s possible.

If it was on a t-shirt, would you wear it everyday?

That’s what you’re looking for.

Now it’s your turn.

If you created a logo for your personal brand, what are the 3 words it would stand for?

Leave a comment with those words!

Excited to read what you’ve got.


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