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Overcoming Fear: A Guide For Daring Decision Making in Business & Life

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Between 17 and 24 years old, I built 2 companies… that failed.

Why did they fail?


Fear can cripple entrepreneurs and businesses before they’ve even started. Fear of the unknown, fear of making a wrong decision, fear of embarrassment…

It’s the internal battle and if you don’t think it’s happening, you’re lying to yourself.

Every successful entrepreneur, from Jeff Bezos to Elon Musk to Richard Branson, was once a terrified young adult that no-one knew.

Unsure how to start… scared of screwing up… of humiliation… of everything backfiring.

That was me too

I sabotaged my first 2 companies because I made business decisions out of fear rather than in spite of the fear.

There’s a battle in my mind every single day – STILL! – the difference is that I know how to win that battle (nearly) every time.

Now I’ve made $25M deals without losing sleep.

Every entrepreneur has to train themselves for your battle with fear, or else you’ll lose.

So today, I want to change the way you think about fear, help you shift your mindset and give you clear actions so you can make CONFIDENT business decisions.

…and ultimately live the life you WANT to live.

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Maybe you’re thinking, “Pfft… Fear? This is childish”. Think again. In this video, you’ll see how:

  • Fear can stunt your business growth
  • Delaying decisions costs more than mistakes
  • Type 1 vs Type 2 decisions
  • Opinions of others DO NOT MATTER
  • We sweat problems that don’t even happen
  • Being uncomfortable is a GOOD thing
  • Bigger problems = better problems
  • To fight back when your brain lies to you

I have never come across a filthy-rich millionaire who hasn’t grabbed fear by the horns and wrestled with it.

It’s just part of the game, part of life.

And if you want to be someone who can look back at their life once you’re retired and proudly say “I didn’t let fear stop me from living the best life I could”

…Then you’ve got to get into the mental-gym and train yourself.

Starting today.

Hit play on the video, and drop me a comment underneath. I love hearing from you and I want to make this something we aren’t afraid to talk about openly.


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