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The Power of Video For Your Business

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Have you ever tried shooting a video of yourself?.. or better yet doing a live Periscope session?

I still remember when my good buddy Alex challenged me to shoot a weekly video…

… the plan was to try it for 2 months.

That was over 8 months ago and I haven’t looked back.

Was it weird sitting in a room by myself talking to my iPhone?

Sure was… but after a while I got over it and it’s had a HUGE impact on my life.

That’s what I want to share in this weeks video:

These are few things I’ve learned shooting a weekly video for my YouTube channel:

1) Challenges You To Discover Your Message
2) You Learn How To Tell Stories
3) Become a Stronger Communicator & Leader

The other side benefit of doing video is building a passionate community of like minded individuals.

It still blows my mind that people consider me their mentor / advisor / etc because they watch my weekly YouTube video.

I’ll never take that for granted and will always honour them for watching.

Now for the fun part…

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, feeling like you should be shooting video, but have hesitated…

… well consider this my challenge to you.

Pull out your iPhone and tell me a story. Teach me something. Anything.

Just upload it to Youtube or Dropbox and send me a link.

I would love to see what you’ve got to share with the world.

Don’t worry about getting it right… it’s not suppose to be perfect.

Just start. Today. Now.

Leave a comment below with your link.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

With gratitude,


P.S. If you’re not on Periscope, join and be sure to follow me. Here’s a video (expires in 24hrs) on me sharing some thoughts on this weeks video LIVE!

P.P.S If you want to see me speak live, I’ll be talking in October at the Thrive event http://thrivelasvegas.com/ in Las Vegas with some of my friends (Gary V., Lewis Howes, Keith Ferrazzi, James Altucher, Jordan Harbinger, John Lee Dumas, Adam Braun, Jayson Gaynard & many others) + all proceeds go to www.ahumanproject.com founded by my buddy Wesley Chapman. See you there.

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