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The 4 P’s To Selling: Focusing On The Right Prospects to Improve Your Sales Cycle

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How do you find more of the right customers?

People that will eagerly buy what you’re selling, with zero complaints…? AND tell their friends about it.

What a dream!

But rather than picking 4 leaf clovers, crossing your fingers and hoping the universe delivers these ideal clients to your doorstep… 

Don’t you want a system to filter out the customers that’ll buy from the ones that won’t?

I think you’re going to love this.

See, you may be coming across potential customers all the time. 

But if you don’t KNOW anything about them, then you have no control over the fate of your business.

Some leads are FAR more valuable than others.

So how do you know where your time is best spent to get more sales?

You’ve got to Qualify Your Leads.

And rather than letting that be a matter of: “Uh, I hope this person might end up buying”…

…You need a formula that’ll be more like: “Follow these steps and you’ll KNOW this is someone that’s going to end up buying.”

I call it the Four P’s of Selling.

And I’ve learned this from the best, from my buddy Scott Sambucci at SalesQualia

He’s an incredible sales coach and he just knows the science of qualifying your leads.

So check out this week’s video to boost your closing rates:

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Here’s a quick overview of the Four P’s and why they are essential to qualifying leads:

  1. Problem: Do they know they have one?
  2. Perception: Do they know how big the problem is?
  3. Perspective: Do they understand how they want to solve it?
  4. Proximity: Do they feel the heat?

What’s fascinating about these Four P’s is that it’s not just about digging for information:

You have the power to plant the seed of an idea in a customer’s head.

Simply by qualifying a lead, you can shift their mindset so they’ll better understand the value of your product. Turning a ‘probably not’ into a ‘yes please!’

A great salesperson (or marketer) can effortlessly hit these touchpoints, plant those seeds and discover this information all while making a customer feel comfortable. 

But great sales starts with how you think.

So click here to watch the video, and drop me a comment underneath to let me know what you think.

Dan “luck doesn’t convert” Martell



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