Remarketing: The Great Marketing Pixel Land Rush

Remarketing: The Great Marketing Pixel Land Rush

If you haven’t heard of remarketing then you’re wasting your marketing dollars. The concept is simple, when someone visits your website or blog, you “tag them” using a simple code snippet (provided by Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc), then you’re able to target that person with ads from your company as they navigate around the internet or on that social network.

Crazy right? I know… now, here’s where things get interesting and what’s different about how I use remarketing.

I run PAID ads to high quality CONTENT (like this blog post) that lives on my website, then I tag the visitor (you) and serve hyper targeted ads to them based on what they clicked and viewed on my site.

It’s a subtle change that increased all my marketing metrics.

Some are calling it the great pixel land rush. I would agree.

Video Transcript

The concept is simple. It’s called remarketing, retargeting, tagging or pixeling a user.
Most people run paid ads to some kind of conversion or sales page.

What I’m doing now is running ads to content – high quality content, not an optin form or sales page. The reason is simple. In today’s world, people are getting fed up with seeing ads (banner click through rates have gone through the floor), they aren’t really engaging in the ads and people don’t want to be sold to.

What you can do instead, is find high quality content: viral content, images, videos and stories, and promote those with a link to your website or your blog. When people clickthrough your ad to your site – you then tag (a.k.a pixel) to remarket them.

I like using the term tagging because it says to the visitor, I’m going to tag you as somebody who has been to this website, and in the future, I can choose to target ads on multiple different platforms just to that user.

Instead of showing ads to everybody – people who may not have the intention to buy or even the interest – you drive them to high quality content that is relevant to what they are interested in, the kind of problems they are having and the solutions that you offer… and then you can show them a more targeted ad after the fact.

With the engagement rates going down so much on specific ads, the real power and magic going forward will be running paid ads to great content, tagging those users, then later running ads to those tagged users.

It’s a strategy that works on all of the platforms: facebook, google and twitter and pretty much any new, modern advertising platform will also allow for this.

A lot of people may have heard of this concept in the past, but didn’t really understand how it worked. It’s a really simple concept – it’s saying when you visit this page, I’m going to tag you and I’m going to show you ads later.

If you want to watch this tactic actually happen, go to and click around on some shoes or go to and click around on different products.

As you navigate the web, most of the time you will actually see ads for the shoes or products following you around the internet.

For a lot of people they might find that annoying (and I might be one of those people!) but the truth is, it’s a really great way to re-engage or remarket to an existing visitor that’s already been to your website.

It’s a strategy that I wanted to share with you because I think in the future it will be the way to really maximize your advertising dollars and for me, it’s all I’m doing right now.

Exclusive Bonus: Click here to get a free bonus video where I share 3 key types of content to use to grow your business.

Do me a favour and leave me a comment below, letting me know if you are retargeting, remarketing, tagging or pixeling users or if you are using other strategies that are really dominating or killing it for you.

  • Phillip Hayes

    We aren’t retargeting yet, although it is probably something we should probably be looking at. Tracking is something we need to get a lot better at, although it is difficult to know how much resource is required and what sort of return we would get.

    • Dan Martell

      I would suggest at a minimum to add the remarketing pixels for Facebook, Twitter & Google. That way when you decided to start promoting content / ads you’ll have the audiences built out. Best to start there.


      • Phillip Hayes

        Thanks Dan – will do exactly that. I will report back the results.

      • Clay Hebert

        Dan Martell – I think a simple screencast tutorial on adding the remarketing pixels for Facebook, Twitter & Google (or even linking to your favorite tutorials) on how to do this would be a great resource for people who want to take action on your advice here.

        For instance, here is a good Google resource on Google remarketing…

        • Dan Martell

          Good suggestion.. will update.

  • @jeffroach

    Great strategy, Dan. Thanks.

    • Dan Martell

      Jeff, glad you enjoyed … especially with what you do around social media, I think there’s some HUGE leaps to be made using this strategy.

      I’ve actually built out a whole strategy that includes a bunch of other areas… will share next time we connect.


  • Ben Philabaum

    Cool video! I’ve been using a similar strategy for my agency – sending people to a blog post and then retargeting them to a consult signup page.

    The other super effective thing you can do is create different retargeting segments for key pages on your site. Don’t treat all site visitors as equals. So one retargeting segment is blog readers. You can also retarget just the people who reach your signup or buy page but don’t convert. I’ve seen this be VERY profitable.

    • Dan Martell

      100%… I do a lot of segmented remarketing (ex: People on my Email List who aren’t fans of my FB page, folks who’ve taking certain actions but didn’t complete a step, etc).

      Great suggestions.


  • isfan

    I’ve been investigating this for quite a while and would appreciate a more detailed blog post if possible. I sat in on a great video podcast with Curt Maley from and he recommended focusing initially on Facebook retargetting before going to platforms like adroll. I learned that you can actually import your email lists and target folk on those lists. That’s pretty mind blowing! Thoughts on fb vs adroll and other such platforms?

    [Question] I don’t currently have the budget to run ads but I am doing quite of bit of email marketing (using Pardot) and I hate to lose the opportunity with all the traffic going to my site. I would love to “tag” visitors NOW so that when I start running my ads, people are targeted already. Does that make sense?

    • Dan Martell

      Allan, it’s not something I’ll likely blog about as it’s too geeky but I do plan on teaching it in an upcoming webinar where I go over how I’ve built my audience over the past 4 months.

      Re: adding the tags now to build it up, 100% do this now. I only use native ad management (ex: FB, Twitter & YouTube) for managing remarketing. You definitely want to get those tags added to your website asap.

      Hope that helps.

  • Alice Fuller

    I came across this post on Linkedin and the poster wrote you need a lot of traffic to your site for remarketing or retargeting to really work. That may not be true depending on your goals and your pricing. What’s your take on the volume of traffic needed?

    Also, people should know too that you can export your LinkedIn contacts and use them to create a custom audiences on Facebook. That too may work if you lack high traffic.

    I’m curious to know too the range or budget set to reach your goals. I’m asked often how much should you budget for to see any kind of ad really work. My response is test…test…test. For some $5/day may work while others may budget for $500 spend. I don’t think there’s a best answer seeing how goals and wallets differ.

    • Dan Martell

      Alice, if I mentioned that you need a lot of traffic then I was wrong … re-marketing works even if you get 25 people a day to your site.

      That’s why it’s so beautiful.

      As for cost, I’m always trying to get emails (that’s my conversion point) for less than $3 worst case.

      So I’m willing to spend whatever it takes.

      That being said, every marketing channel has a point of diminishing returns where the ads are being shown but click throughs, etc are performing as well as they should … then I re-evaluate.

      Hope that clears things up.


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