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One Thing All Successful People Have In Common

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Have you ever been a victim of ‘shelf help’?

Yeah, I’m talking about non-stop consumption of personal development materials.

You buy a book, skim through it, and then add it to your shelf…

You listen to podcast after podcast. And you read through blog posts adding them all to Evernote as you look for fresh growth hacks.

But no matter how much you consume, it still feels like you’re in a sinking canoe paddling upstream.

And none of your efforts are creating momentum.

So today, I want to give you a different approach.

Why not paddle downstream?

I believe the growth you’re looking for often comes from something you’ve already implemented before. But somewhere along the way you just stopped doing it.

And all you really need is a gentle reminder to go and implement it again.

I go much deeper in this week’s video. Check it out here.

(If you get this right, you’re already doing better than 90% of entrepreneurs.)

TOP BOOKS For Transforming The Entrepreneur’s Life – Carefully Curated List From Over 1000+ Books and Almost 20 Years of Reading

In the video, I want to share with you a few ideas I’ve been thinking about lately:

  1. Reminded Not Taught
  2. The Law of G.O.Y.A.
  3. The Man In The River Illustration
  4. Information vs Transformation
  5. Model Not Modify
  6. Where To Find ‘Success Clues’
  7. Ancient Civilizations & Success Truths


I share over 400+ growth playbooks with my private clients.

So I’m NOT against learning new things…

I’m just saying: you might not need another book (or three) for strategies to gain rapid traction.

By implementing the simple concept I talk about in today’s video, you’ll be amazed at how many low-hanging growth hacks are staring you in the face.

See for yourself. 😉

You Already Know What You Need To Know >>>

Watch the video, give it a like if you find value in it, and let me know what made the biggest impact for you.


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