(Free SaaS Resource) The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?

5 Fail-Proof Strategies to Level Up Your Customer Support For Your SaaS

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There’s a GOLDMINE of product insights right underneath your nose…

And you’re probably ignoring it.

A treasure trove of data at your fingertips about new product features, your ideal customers, and opportunities for new verticals or marketing funnels you have left untapped.

This is the high-level stuff that I coach people through, and you’ve already got it.

Hiding in plain sight.

Where is it?

It’s in your customer support tickets.

Customer Support is one of my favourite things to talk about. I love it!

I performed customer support PERSONALLY for 2 years while building Clarity

Why? Because it’s an incredible opportunity for a founder to learn from your customers, guide product strategy and make sure your product is serving real people.

Most CEOs and founders delegate their customer support as SOON as they can.

I get it. You want to work on the high-level strategy.

But… make a habit of scanning your support tickets.

If you’re smart about interpreting those requests and tracing them back to find product insights or marketing hacks, you’ll scale faster.

For my companies, I made sure Customer Support was one of our competitive advantages and we have since been recognized as having some of the best support in the industry.

Want to know what we did? In this video, I’ll walk you through our strategies to turn Customer Support from a burden to a privilege.

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I’ll break it down into 5 key components behind my Customer Support growth-hacking strategy. Here we go:

  • Customer Outcomes
  • Support Support (Yes, you read that right)
  • Flow Escalation
  • Measure the Metrics
  • Productize the Knowledge Base

One thing I LOVE about Customer Support is that it’s your opportunity to set word-of-mouth marketing alight.

No matter how many ads you are running or marketing funnels you’ve built, people trust the recommendations of other people most.

Word-of-mouth marketing trumps all others.

Having a kickass Customer Support system means active customers are getting incredible first-hand experiences from your team… and that translates into direct recommendations.

Looking back at my experience across 5 companies, I’d say the 2 things that made our support world-class were:

  1. We documented and backfilled lessons learned from support, and put them into a growing knowledge base.
  2. We used automation, snippets and text expanders to quickly use templatized answers to common customer issues.

The result? Support demand dropped and so did response time.

Tune in to the video right here to get a dose of Customer Support strategy that’ll turn dreaded tickets into welcome insights.


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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?