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Understanding Strategy And Tactics: Why You Need to Think High-Level & 5 Ways To Do It Right

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Ready for a shocker?

Stalled growth is rarely a product, marketing or sales problem…

It’s a founder problem.

And more specifically, it’s a failure to think strategically instead of tactically.

Yes, tactics matter. But only if they’re guided by the RIGHT strategy at the RIGHT time.

If you just keep repeating the same tactics over and over again (or adding random ones to the mix just because it “feels right” and “other people are doing it”)…

… then you’re just gonna drive your team and your company to the ground.

Accelerated growth is always preceded by strategy.

Most founders know that they need to be thinking strategically… yet so few actually have a simple framework that shows them how to do it.

That’s why in this week’s episode, I share a simple 5-step process for achieving more strategically-driven growth this year.

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At a high level, the 5 steps are:

  1. Begin with the end in mind
  2. List out strategies
  3. I.C.E. them
  4. Prioritize
  5. Add resources and timelines

Where most people get this wrong is #3.

Once you’ve listed out all the possible strategies you can pursue to achieve your end goal… you need to put those strategies on ice. Which is actually an acronym for…

Impact. Confidence. Ease.

Each strategy gets ranked on those 3 categories which gives you a clear “ICE” score to help you prioritize in the next step.

Watch the full episode to learn how to measure your ICE score, as well at the complete 5-step framework for making more strategically-driven decisions.

I’d also love it if you can drop me a comment letting me know ONE new strategy you’ll be focusing on this year… and what you’re hoping to gain out of it.


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