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The 3 Sneaky Ways Entrepreneurs Make Things HARDER on Themselves

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Are you guilty of throwing hand grenades around in your business?

I am.

When I reflect back on it, I prefer to imagine myself as some kinda tech-savvy Chuck Norris f*ucking up the tech world with his weapons of mass disruption.

But in reality…

I was a restless founder, swimming in the early success that I secretly believed I didn’t deserve.

At the time, my company Spheric Technologies was in a rapid growth phase.

We had 25 employees and things were stable, surprisingly sane, and on track for great success.

And as an entrepreneur who held onto the underlying belief that things HAD to be a grind and struggle… I wasn’t having any of it.

I walked in one morning and threw a “hand grenade”.

I lined up 3 of my best guys and gave them an ill-fated “mission” that would sink us into a MASSIVE hole and take months to climb out of.

The grenade exploded in my hands.

And I was left with the bloody guts of a shattered belief system that had been sabotaging my efforts all along.

It was a mess.

But I learnt a huge lesson.

I healed my self-inflicted wounds.

And realized that this was just ONE of the 3 sneaky ways I was making things more difficult for myself (and my team).

So to help you sidestep these land mines (or disarm them completely), I shot a quick video revealing the 3 most common ways that entrepreneurs sabotage their own success

Watch it below:

Now that you’ve watched the video, I want you to take a second to turn inwards.

Be honest with yourself and really tune in to how many of these you’re guilty of.

Hint: Almost EVERY entrepreneur I know struggles with number 3 (2:58 of the video)…

… it’s also the most damaging one emotionally, and one I’d encourage you to fix TODAY.

And if there are any self-sabotaging beliefs or behaviours you’ve corrected in your own business, please share them in the comments below so the rest of us can dodge the dagger.

To playing a bigger game (and getting out of your own way),

– Dan

P.S. Few people realize it, but accelerating your success on the entrepreneurial path is JUST as much a function of clearing the blocks as it is revving your engine.

Today’s video is all about the former, and how you can immediately STOP your subconscious beliefs from sabotaging your success.

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