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[Escape Velocity] – Episode 19 – Tim McCormick at SaaSOptics

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If you have a B2B business that negotiates deals directly with your customers, then I’ll bet you’ve got headaches to do with money.

Sales call followed by proposals… 

Rejected and then renegotiated…

All hoping that in the end, you can close a big deal that really moves the needle. 

Only to realize that getting the customer is just half of the battle! 

Each deal is different to the last, and you’ve got to figure out how to bill them correctly, track their accounts, and report it to investors and accountants.

It gives me a headache just thinking about it!

But not for Tim McCormick. 

Tim is the CEO of SaaSOptics, and they specialize in helping SaaS businesses manage their sales when nearly every deal is unique. 

What’s great about Tim is that his company is a SaaS… but so are his customers! That gives him a very unique view of the market.

So, I sat down with Tim and chatted about what’s going on with trends in the software companies, and how a B2B SaaS can get ahead today. Check it out:

In this week’s episode of Escape Velocity, Tim and I chat about:

  • How he started as the 8th employee and now leads 80
  • Raising capital for a growing SaaS
  • Why they tie their price to their customer’s revenue
  • Old school offices vs Remote teams
  • Being honest about your weaknesses (<< Truth!)
  • The value of a mentor for a leader

SaaSOptics track ALL the metrics a subscription-based business needs to know.

I really believe in metrics.

If you don’t know them, you’re flying blind.

Since Tim’s business model is about pairing with growing SaaS businesses, then he knows a thing or two about spotting the winners.

That’s why I had to ask him:

“What do you think great SaaS companies are doing right in the market today?”

Tune in and jump to minute 22:38 to hear his reply!


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