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9 Powerful Insights Learned in 2019 (A Year in Review)

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Sometimes you can glean insights about life from the most interesting places…

Like that time my buddy Brad learned the hard way while snow-biking in the backcountry. He was supposed to zig zag, and not go straight fast, so to avoid hitting tree stumps or river banks head on.

That missed instruction from our guide resulted in him cracking open his pelvis which required surgery.

I know. Intense right?

While a terrible outcome, I took away a HUGE company killing avoidance strategy from that incident and it’s what I want to share with you today.

Actually, this year was peppered with interesting moments like that….

Dozens of key lessons learned about squeezing the most out of life, growing my empire and becoming a better husband/father/friend….

Lessons I’ve covered in this weeks video.

Here’s how I came up with them….

After boarding more than 40 flights in 2019, I took some time last week to sit down and think of the crazy adventures I’ve been on for the past year and the most impactful moments.

Everything from rally car racing, backcountry skiing to taking a private jet across the Atlantic with pit stops in Greenland & Iceland.

These insights had a huge impact on me, my team and even helped me have a record year in business.

It was hard to choose the top lessons because I did not want this to turn into a 2-hour video 😉

So here’s what I’ve got… nine of the most powerful strategic insights from 100’s of conversations and experiences I had these past 12-months!

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These were pulled from magical moments like:

  1. Snow-biking for the first time
  2. Disney cruise w/ 21 other family friends
  3. Going to a max prison in Cali
  4. Racing dirt rally cars
  5. Nine events I ran for clients
  6. Jumping on my buddy Jayson’s private jet for 2-weeks
  7. Taking July off and squeezing in five separate vacations travelling coast to coast
  8. Going from not knowing how to swim to racing in three triathlons with 4-weeks of training
  9. Completing my first Tough Mudder & hiking Mt Katahdin with my family.

It exhausts me just reminiscing about them all… but it’s important for you to know WHY I keep my foot on the throttle 24/7.

Ten years ago I made the decision to start planning my life assuming I only had 5-years left to live…

It may sound dark, but hear me out.

That perspective allowed me to avoid making near-sighted decisions but also pushed me to increase the frequency and intensity of Magical Moments (something my pelvis cracking friend Brad taught me many years ago ;).

So with that, I REALLY hope to inspire you in 2020 to live a bigger life and build a bigger business.

Don’t take life for granted and always take time to reflect upon the blessings you have…

Life’s lessons exist in the space in between those moments.

See you next year! 😉

Much love.

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