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[Escape Velocity] – Episode 18 – BJ Lackland at LighterCapital.com

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“If only we had money, we could…”

It’s a story I’ve heard a thousand times. Startups heaving a sigh, wishing they had investors to fund the awkward early stages.

Scraping to get your software in shape…

Working 60+ hour weeks…

Can’t afford to hire people so you’re wearing every hat for every department…

But the dark side of receiving VC funding is that you lose a massive slice of your company.

It can be VERY expensive.

The equity you give away just for some upfront money could be worth millions in a few years time, but you’re too desperate to know that now.

BJ Lackland has a different approach.

He’s the CEO of Lighter Capital, a funding company that supports tech entrepreneurs without them giving up equity, board seats or personal guarantees.

In the 7 years BJ spent at the helm, they funded 365 companies… with 630 rounds of financing… deploying a total of $168 million.

So, if this guy is a master at spotting a startup worth investing in, don’t you want to hear what he has to say?

You can. 

For this week’s episode of Escape Velocity, I sat down with BJ and we talked all about funding, financing, and loans for startups.

In our interview, BJ opens up about:

  • What revenue-based financing actually is
  • How Lighter Capital does the math on a loan
  • What’s changed in SaaS financing 
  • Why equity funding could be your biggest mistake
  • Light Capital’s software for processing deals
  • What red flags BJ always looks out for (<< Mistakes to avoid)
  • Extra perks Lighter Capital offers

This is a super insightful interview. Getting funding in your early stages can be the make-or-break for a SaaS.

But like with all things marketing… you’ve got to get inside an investor’s head.

This is an interview that will show you how a financing company thinks, what matters and what doesn’t. 

Check out the interview, and commit these lessons to memory.

You’ll be grateful for it when it comes time to raise some money.


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