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CompanyOS™: Grow Your Software Business by Nailing These 5 Important Meetings

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Today, I’m going to show you how to generate consistent, repeatable momentum in your business.

Yeah. You read that right. 

When I was 24, I started a company called Spheric.

And it grew. Fast.

150% year over year. We were one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada when I successfully exited and sold to a US firm. I was only 28.

I owe a big part of that success story to a great book I read, called Good to Great by Jim Collins.

Prior to that book, I was addicted to being busy.

You know how it is: 

Running around like a one-man-band trying to juggle 100s of demands…

Cramming two weeks’ worth of work into one…

All because that feels like progress.

It’s addictive.

But that kind of fire-cracker energy doesn’t last. It’s super inefficient and couldn’t possibly be sustainable!

Real scalable momentum only comes when you have an Operating System for your company.

And that means – drumrollholding the right meetings with your team.

Yes, meetings. 

If you think about it, the only tool you have to lead your team better are meetings.

But not just any meetings. You’ll need these 5 specific types of meetings that I’m going to walk you through in this week’s video.

Exclusive Download: The Weekly Sync™ Format – Run Your Weekly Team Meetings Following This Structure Easy, Fast & Productive

These meetings all work together and feed into each other. Each one has a name:

  1. Daily Standup: for setting your focus.
  2. The Weekly Sync: to iron out problems
  3. Monthly Review: for celebrating achievements.
  4. Quarterly Planning: for getting perspective
  5. Yearly Strategic Planning: to build your future.

Some of these meetings take just a few minutes. Others much longer. 

But together, these 5 meetings become the operating system with which you maximize efficiency, iron out problems, stay connected and build momentum.

In fact, I believe that these meetings are so crucial to a business… that if you aren’t doing them, you’re going to flounder and feel like nothing is getting done right.

I consider them non-negotiable.

Even if you’re team consist of 2 people. 

Which is why I want to share them with you. So check out the video for the best-spent 11 minutes you’ll watch this week, and leave your thoughts in a comment underneath!


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The SaaS Metrics Dashboard: Is Your Company Growing The Way It Should Be?