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3 Positive Mindset Shifts To Help You Overcome Startup Struggles & Continue To Thrive

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The other day I got a call from one of my coaching clients, Carl. 

He was doing about $70K in MRR, killing it. Business is booming, he’s hiring new team members…

Then BAM.

His lead salesperson quit on him.

In an instant, Carl’s problems went from “How do I scale up?” to “How do I stop my business from falling apart?

2 steps forward. 1 step back.

Over the many years, I’ve coached 100s of business founders and there’s one thing I absolutely know with certainty:

Problems are ALWAYS right around the corner.

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson… the mega-business-millionaires out there – they aren’t succeeding because they don’t have problems…

They’re succeeding because they’ve gotten really good at dealing with them.

So rather than being surprised by new struggles, what makes a business owner successful is their ability to reframe their perspective…

And get back on the horse.

I’m there to support my coaching clients, to be the person they can turn to when everything feels like it’s collapsing and help them get their business out of the funk.

But even if I don’t coach you personally, in today’s video I want to share with you 3 insights I always ask when I know someone is struggling. Check it out:

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Watch the video to wrap your head around these perspective-shattering mind bombs:

  1. Battles VS Wars: Which one are you really losing?
  2. Embrace the Struggle: Opportunity wears a disguise.
  3. Ask For Help

Look, I get it. “Oh 3 simple points, is it that easy?” No, it’s never that easy.

But what I really want you to understand is that the key to your success…

…is your mind.

It’s HOW you think about your problems. 

It’s HOW you face them.

And I’m pleased to say that Carl didn’t let his set-back stop his business growth. After shifting his mindset, he conquered those problems…

3 months later? He’s already doubled his MRR.

You can conquer your struggles too. So watch the video here and learn how to shift your perspective.

As always, I’d love to hear from you too. So please leave me a comment under the video!


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