Expand Your Business By Adding a SaaS Product Without Losing Your Sanity (And Savings)

Expand Your Business By Adding a SaaS Product Without Losing Your Sanity (And Savings)

I’ve seen this happen before…

A business that’s already growing decides to start their own SaaS.

It always seems like a great idea. 

You’re already serving your customers, you know their problems, and you’ve got company resources to work with… 

So it’s gotta be easier than starting from scratch, right?

Next thing you know it’s 3 years later and you’ve spent $7 MIL. and you HAVEN’T EVEN LAUNCHED!

This happened to someone I was introduced to hoping I could help them out…

You might wonder how it’s possible, but trust me, when you don’t have a good plan about how to build, co-create and launch your SaaS, it’s too easy to go broke spending another $150K/month for an outsourced development company.

That’s why in today’s video I am going to walk you through the steps of building a SaaS business without losing all of your savings. 

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The 5 points in this video are super important. It’s not rocket science but you’ll be amazed at how easily they get forgotten. Here they are:

  1. Solve your own problems first
  2. Constrain the resources
  3. Don’t overbuild for someday
  4. Hire someone external
  5. Talk about it

I made this video to save businesses from tripping up on their own success. 

A business starts to get some traction and some profits and then they lose it all on the SaaS Roulette Wheel. 

It frustrates me because it can all be avoided. 

It’s like they start making some cash and suddenly they forget everything they know about what made their business work in the first place.

The thing is: real success is never a gamble. It’s not accidental! It’s strategic and smart… from the start.

That’s why you’ve gotta check out this video. I just can’t let you make these mistakes and I want you to approach it the right way.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know if this realigns your thinking.


  • Dawn Scranton Cqa

    # 4 – That’s Me! ~ Great Advice for re-Direction !!

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