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3 Easy Steps to Build Brand Authority in Your Industry

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Over the last 23 years, I’ve started 5 SaaS businesses and successfully exited 3 of them, making me a millionaire at 27 years old.

I could have retired and never worked another day in my life…

But my 2 boys, Max and Noah, changed that.

When I became a father, my view of the world was immediately different.

I didn’t want to retire.

I wanted to make an impact, to live a life that has meaning by sharing and helping others, to set an example for my kids.

So 5 years ago, I came out from the shadows and started my personal authority brand.

Since I launched DanMartell.com, I’ve published a video on my YouTube channel every single Monday for 5 years.

I have never, ever, ever missed a Monday.

Today I have over 1 million followers across my social accounts and was recently named the #1 SaaS coach in the WORLD.

I could never have achieved that without first building a personal brand… and it was wildly different from starting a SaaS.

If you’ve ever wanted to build authority in your niche, impact more lives and get your product into more hands…

Then building a personal brand with your face and name front-and-center might just be the way.

This is my advice on how to do it, generated from thousands of hours of hard work!

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I’ll group the key points of this video into 3 main steps:

  1. Education Based Marketing
  2. Elite Edification
  3. Powerful Platform

Authority branding and a social following are NOT the same thing. Don’t fall into that trap and waste 1000s of hours building a brand you don’t own.

Great authority branding never relies on a single social channel… 

If Zuckerberg shut down Facebook tomorrow, I’d be fine. If Google closed YouTube, well – I’d be heartbroken but my social accounts and email accounts would save my fall.

A well-made authority brand doesn’t rise to the top on a wave of one social account and get dumped by the next. 

It’s much more stable than that.

So if you’re gearing up to put your face and your name out there…

Don’t even START until you’ve watched through this video.

As always, I’m reading the comments. So let me know what you think by dropping a comment.



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